Prague Salesforce User Group: We present our knowledge

Members of our team didn’t share their impressions of the Dreamforce world conference only with their colleagues, but they also presented their immediate insights to the audience at the Prague Salesforce User Group conference, in the heart of Prague.

Bobby caught the audience attention not only by perfectly managed presentation but especially with its content, that was beneficial for both, developers and expectant visitors to the next Dreamforce conference.

We’ve learned about the latest tips and tricks to create simple Lightning Components and complex applications. We also gained an overview of the new features that Salesforce is planning to please all developers within next months.



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Our 3rd Dreamforce conference!

Representatives of our company set out for a journey to San Francisco to attend Dreamforce 2017, an annual conference organized by Salesforce, at the beginning of November. It can be said that for four days the city was full of those, who mean or want to mean something in the Salesforce community. Of course, we couldn’t miss it either! This was our third participation in this gigantic event after the years 2014 and 2015. With its 170,000 visitors, this event is named to be one of the largest IT conferences in the world. Once again, it was a breathtaking experience.

Our main goal was to attend mainly technical focused sessions and there were over 3,000 of them! They offered a unique opportunity to get to know the latest Salesforce features, learn from the tips and tricks of other developers and admins, and also we could have a look in the future Salesforce plans and the whole world’s vision around Salesforce.

In addition, we had several meetings with AppExchange representatives during Dreamforce and we received a couple of valuable advice on managed packages, an area, that we would like to focus on in the next months. The biggest pleasure was to meet several of our current US clients, with whom we have Benn cooperating for a long time, however, due to the geographical location of our offices we didn’t have a chance to meet in person. Besides meeting with our clients, Dreamforce also enabled us to get to know a number of other interesting people from Salesforce community, with whom we could exchange experiences and we might enter into a partnership in the future.

The overall atmosphere in Dreamforce 2017 was just indescribable. Crowds of people with gray backpacks with the Salesforce logo, center of San Francisco in the manner of tourists – backpackers style, called Trailhead and from all the sides peeping out Astro, Einstein, Codey and other masks. Everything was precisely organized and tuned to the last detail. The icing on the cake was Dreamfest 2017, music festival within the conference, where stars such as Lenny Krawitz or Alicia Keys performed in the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium.

This conference just showed us again why we love Salesforce and why we are so pleased to be Salesforce’s implementation partner. We’re already looking forward to Dreamforce 2018!