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When changing your database or upgrading it, proper and secure data migration is vital to your new system’s adoption and success. While the information contained in your database must be maintained, the format or structure of this information must usually change in order to be compatible with your new system.

However, moving your legacy data to Salesforce can be time-consuming and complicated and is often an intimidating process, especially when considering the sheer volume of data and the wide variety of target and source data structures.

Data Orchestra has a reliable and proven process for smoothly migrating your data into or out of the new Salesforce platform.

Typical Data Migration Process

Analysis of data sources

During the first step, we will discuss your data transaction requests and understand what information is crucial to your company, how it is structured, and the unique or special customizations needed to add value to your current data while moving it to Salesforce. After that, we will define your main data migration goals.

Removal of Data Inconsistency

Our team will remove data inconsistency from individual sources or data structures. We will sort the data into the correct fields and suggest solutions for the rest of the inconsistent data. We will also prevent duplicates from migrating for a quick and fresh start. If we find duplicate data during migration, we will unify it and identify the superior record. We complete missing data and verify and standardize them again.

Salesforce Considerations

To effectively import your data, our team needs to have a lock on access privileges, record ownership, what happens to data of inactive users and ex-employees, and security settings. This is important as it ensures that we don’t miss any old data while migrating to Salesforce.

Migration Process

Before starting a transaction, we first run data sample tests. After the control of previous gained results, we will move to a data migration itself. Migration takes place under the supervision of a senior data specialist. We will use airtight scripting and relevant data loaders to make sure the integrity and safety of your data at its new location.

We have been dealing with data migration for more than seven years, during which we have created several algorithms and internal processes for efficiently and accurately achieving our goals.


After the initial data migration, we will continue monitoring in order to ensure the target and source systems remain in sync. Also, data governance, project artifacts, and historical records will be generated.

Data Migration Verification

After each migration, we always check if the established data transfer goal was met. This is the final check from our end, and the system is all yours.