Data Migration

We help Cleanup Redundant and Obsolete Data, so You Don’t have to

Salesforce is a platform powered by data. Is your current Salesforce data a mess? Perhaps, it is full of duplicates, orphan records, bad data, missing values, or is of overall poor quality. Data Orchestra will make sure you are properly documenting integrations, MDM, validation, and storage review — and you have all the right backup policies and procedures in place.

Optimizing your crucial data can mean no more going over storage limits. Also, it generates more accurate and reliable reporting for your company. This means that your business will run more efficiently, meaning higher margins and less overhead!

Data quality is important for correct and efficient processes in a company. Errors and mistakes in data may occur because of a small mistake. However, they adversely affect planning effectiveness and the correct prognosis of development. Data cleaning, standardization, and deduplication save your company costs and ensure that errors and mistakes do not affect your customer or supplier relationships. Our Data services help keep your data under control.

Also, Data Orchestra can set up an ongoing and simple data maintenance system in order to keep all your data squeaky clean.


Data Cleaning

Banish missing, duplicate, or inaccurate data from Salesforce. You can make sure that you always have all the information that you need, whenever and wherever you need it. At first, we will define the level of data quality that you want to achieve. This is a long-term process with partial steps and benefits. See what data cleaning actually means.

Homologation of the Name Fields

We ensure the correct sorting between First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Prefix, Suffix, Professional Suffix, and a Nickname.

Homologation of the Address Section

We will divide the individual parts of the address (Street, City, Zip, State, and Country) into one chain.


Our team will divide the unified contacts into separate records.


We will extract data from HTML, XML, JSON, and other formats.


We have extensive experience and knowledge of deduplication in large databases. We will advise you and look for duplication in your database, delete these records, and set processes in Salesforce to avoid duplication. Have a look at the deduplication steps.

Finding Duplicates Records

We will find duplicate records according to flexible criteria, including name, email, phone number, or address.


We will take care of extensive comparison and unification of data.


We will identify the master record.


We will unify the duplicate data.

Completion of Absent Data

We can increase the quality of your current database with our sophisticated tools.


We will add the missing parts of the address from the existing parts.


We will automatically update the gender and salutation fields according to existing parts of names.

Data Verification and standardization

We will verify that your selected data is current in accordance with the actualized registry.

Always Updated

We will verify the authenticity of addresses and phone numbers.

Leverage Our Cleaning and Deduplication Package

Data Orchestra delivers a full range of data quality and management tools and services, from data cleansing and deduplication to integration, enabling you to realize the potential and value of cloud-based and service-oriented architectures.

Get a complete quality report over your Salesforce data. Data Cleaning & Deduplication Toolkit is a managed package for Salesforce that allows you to clean, standardize, or deduplicate your data. Thanks to a complex algorithm, it is possible to search frequently repeated patterns of Contact, Accounts, and Leads. These include, for example, misnomer names (First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Salutation, and Title) and addresses (Mailing Street, Mailing City, Mailing State, etc.). It will then propose standardization for these records.

The Data Cleaning & Deduplication Toolkit can also find duplicate records based on user-defined rules and suggest their unification. This managed package for Salesforce also offers the ability to export a generated report for manual offline revisions or import and customize own report that will correspond with the previous one.

Partner with Us

Your data needs and requirements will continue to change. For your crucial data to stay powerful, easy to use, and relevant, you will have to invest in reliable data management continually. Our mission is to offer customers resources and tools to manage the exponential growth in data, saving money and time and adding efficiency.

We provide expert guidance and analysis that you can always count on.